B2B SaaS Copywriter

Do you want to get more customers to use your software?

You need an experienced copywriter who can:
✔️ Explain highly technical products in a simple way.
✔️ Write emails and sales pages that actually convert.
✔️ Create content that speaks to your prospect’s pain points.

Hola, I'm Caterina!

I write copy that connects with everyday humans, helping you to convert more.

Tech companies always face the same problem: They create kickass software with more functionalities than you can shake a stick at – but their customers are not clicking “buy” enough.

This usually happens because their messaging lacks clarity and connection. We’re selling to everyday humans who need a clear understanding of why this software will make their lives better.

Here’s where I help you! I’ll find the exact words to explain your highly technical product to everyday humans and create a real connection with your customers so they don’t hesitate to reach for their Visas.

How can I help you?

Content that seduces leads

Your blog post should educate but also be irresistible to read – the kind that keeps eyes glued to the screen.

Let’s create content that mixes expert nerd talk with the charm of the ‘it’ girl/boy.

Your blog will become a must-read in any feed!

From bored subscribers to buyers

Do your subscribers yawn when reading your emails? Or worse…They don’t even open them?!

Your email copy needs a total makeover.

From creative subject lines that will be hard to ignore to must-read-the-next-sentence emails.

Websites that connect with humans

Loads of SaaS websites sound like a boring manual, just listing features.

I get it, you’ve got the best tech. But you’re still selling to everyday humans! 

We’ll write a website that cuts the crap and gives them a reason to buy with no hesitation.

Technical products explained simply

Explaining highly technical products can be a pain in the ass.

But I’ll help you turn your customer’s (huh?) into a clear (ah!).

We’ll dive into their pain points and make them understand why you have what they need.

Why should you chose me?
Rest with no stress

You can sleep peacefully everynight or go on vacations to Spain without worrying.

I’m a big perfectionist. Crappy work is not on my vocabulary. In fact, I’d rather not take a job if I can’t totally nail it.

Also expect german punctuality. I work with clear deadlines that I never miss.

Good vibes only

I’ll treat you better than your mama! We’re together in this learning journey.

This is a collaborative process where constant feedback is welcome – and needed!

At the end of the day, who wants to work with hard-to-deal-with people?

Nerdy expertise

It feels like I’ve been in tech since I learned to walk! I’m being dramatic here.

But you know what I mean! I’ve writing for this sector for more than 8 years. And touched so many different topics.

Hire the best of both worlds: Copywriter and a nerdy expert in your niche!

Let's chat

If you are ready to create a new tone of voice for your brand that connects with everyday humans, do not hesitate to fill the form or send me an email at hello[at]caterinallopart.com.

I usually work with:

  • Project management software
  • Team collaboration tool
  • Invoicing and payroll software
  • Inventory or logistics management software
  • CRM or digital marketing tool

Let’s chat! Send this short form and I’ll be in touch with you soon.